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del ojo - of the eye

this simple collection of images is added to sporadically by allister klingensmith.

the majority of these are taken on a digital rebel xt and reduced to numbingly small sizes for the web.

damn 72dpi to hell.

prints are availible. see contact above.

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guyaun, china08.21.06 - i know, i know, this hasn't been updated in forever. and it won't be for another year. there's been a bit of a change, namely moving to china to teach english. you can continue to look at some of the photos however at afarther.com (just click here) bluesblue on blue05.30.06 - flyby, blue on blue carolina IInyc march04.29.06 - peace & justice, packed, veterans, protest carolina Icarolina II04.17.06 - h.f.ross, cygon incecticide, fittings nyc marchcarolina I04.16.06 - schlitz beer, 14 cold cold ounces, toy soldiers, saddle wax san diego Isan diego III03.28.06 - confections san diego Isan diego II03.27.06 - sunning seal, boat cascade, hash house-a-go-go gluttony san diego Isan diego I03.26.06 - coronado, beach, flipflops, fish tacos 'orrible04.04.06 - talk about an extended hiatus. not that anybody cares. *sniff* rjd2 acousticrjd2 acoustic02.27.06 - rjd2 goes acoustic at avalon, camera phone ugliness snow snow snowsnow snow snow02.12.06 - new york city blizzard #1 queensboro bridgequeensboro bridge02.11.06 - homeland security, chimney, tennis bubbles new lens02.07.06 - giving the new tamron 18-200 a whirl. first impressions are deadly auto-focus in any low-light. really slow. willing to stick it out for a bit just for the range. year of the dogyear of the dog01.29.06 - dumplings, firecrackers, china town farmallAM fog01.13.06 - morning mist, buildings slide in, my favorite crane hdd down!01.11.06 - backup they say, don't forget they say, you'll regret it they say. *poof* and there go the photos! anybody got $2k for a sick hd? happy new year! farmallcreeper12.30.05 - brown creeper, window thump farmallfarmall12.29.05 - fuel fire, rust fissurefissure12.28N.05 - night, icicle, texture cratecrate12.28.05 - barn, printed letterform 5 corners5 corners12.26.05 - swamp, flurries, thawed snowbunnysnowbunny12.09.05 - gray, supersnow ghostghost12.04.05 - building spectre evelevel10.31.05 - i am my own superhero cranescape pmcranescape pm10.30N.05 - starburst, night, motion cranescapecranescape10.30.05 - raising spotspot10.26.05 - stinkbug, amaranth pollenpollen10.25.05 - green, lettuce, pollen call of the wildcall of the wild10.15.05 - typeset, ornament shingledshingled10.12.05 - stages, fuzz pan malpan mal09.04.05 - spore, crust, bubbles orangeorange08.20.05 - sungold chixchix01.16.05 - henhouse raid

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